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>lörs lärä is the best known >prööt prällällää derivative. It has also spawned several variations, including spooky lärä, lörs lärä2, glitched up lärä, lörs-motion, etc. >lörs lärä, unlike >prööt prällällää, was not forced; lots of ebin OC, including >splut sprellas, >shits diärrheä and >spörs sörselö, among others, was made in the thread linked below. Lörs lärä was also included in lörs.mp3 AKA silovateljski glasovi.mp3.


About lörs lärä

lörs lärä is well known because of the richness of his speech and how both words are said slightly differently. Its one of the slowest derivatives so you can hear the emotion in his voice more clearly, he sounds so secure in his actions, the way he says it also hints that he's trying to explain it to the listener, its funny because it contrasts with how small he is and how high pitched his voice is.

More about lörs lärä

Lörs lärä provides the listener a critique of contemporary consumerist society. A society that, for the first time in the history of societies, is devoid of meaning, precisely because of the equalization of all virtues, ethics and goals that cultural marxism has brought about.

Lörs lärä embodies the psychological evolution of an individual in this society. Initially, the subject embarks on an instinctive search for meaning by adopting one of society's prefabricated social philosophies. These are indeed fabrications as they consist of mere abstract notions which form a coherent whole, but which neither correspond with nor are applicable to the subject's reality. Examples include communism, anarcho-capitalism, nationalism, fascism. A faith in and a strong adherence to all doctrines of the chosen prefabricated social philosophy are characteristic of this phase. As the individual nears the end of this phase, he gets increasingly aware of and uncomfortable with the realization that his choice is essentially arbitrary. This phase has not yet been audibly documented.

The discomfort at the end of the first stage is resolved by resorting to meaning through absurdity. The subject engages in a series of increasingly desperate attempts to extract meaning from his surrounding. One such attempt is documented here >>14828651. A non-audible example of this phase is the use of (variations on) :DDD as a postfix of every statement, regardless of the arbitrary perceived emotions that the neurotypical has learned to connect with these statements ("bls, resbond :DDD", "oh fug :DDD", and so on).

The subject soon realizes the futility of these attempts —futile because the consumerist society into with which his entire being is interwoven is inherently devoid of meaning— and in response, he abandons them and starts reproducing the absence of meaning in his creations. >>14828488 is the most well known of such reproductions. The subject's reproductions are almost always created using speech synthesis software. The blandness and absence of intonation of the more primitive speech synthesis software indicates a lack of any and all emotion or feeling and is symbolic of the subject's state of mind at this phase. Most /int/ users identify themselves with this phase of the mental evolution and consequentially, most of the other lörs lärä productions are of the same format.

In the final stage, the subject's mental health decays markedly as a result of being crushed by the inbearable burden of having witnessed the unveiling of the facade that keeps the neurotypicals sane and shielded from the mental desert that is the consumerist society. He falls into what neurotypicals would describe as a state of insanity. Symptoms include non-sensical posting (also known as shitposting) and an extreme hostility towards and fear of society and those that conform to it. This is well exemplified by the poor English fellow who, when approached by a female acquintance of his, offers her money in a desperate attempt to flee possible interaction with her. Society is alien and frightening to a subject in this phase. He is unable to use (neurotypical) common sense and instead offers her money for he knows not what to do.

The recent demonic and spooky lörs lärä's are attempts to capture the mental state of a subject in this final phase.

Even more about lörs lärä

You know how the Dadaist movement came up with the name by taking up a random entry from a dictionary; 'dada' is baby talk and doesn't really mean anything. In comparison Lörs lära was actively coined by its respective movement. Lörs lära has the ability to come up with a no-meaning, instead of stumbling upon meaningless things as the Dadaists did. When Adorno famously claimed that poetry had become impossible after Auschwitz, Lörs lära showed that the impossibility of meaning had become the necessary vantage point for all art. Lörs lära, I think, represents this novel Nietzschean necessity of all art to deal with the semantic void progressively by creating meaninglesness.

Further deconstruction of Lörs Lärä from a Nietzschean perspective

Nietzsche would have undoubtedly been fascinated by Lörs lära. Is it because it's a perfect example of the joyous forces of creation that are set in motion in eturnal return? What would have made sense would be meanings circulating eternally; transgressing the boundary of the inaccessible void and the world time and again. Recurrence of this kind would make sense from the cultural studies' point of view; something laid before our eyes never retains its meaning because it is subject to interpretation each time, and interpretation is subject to change because we undergo our concurrent returns in everyday life; we change. But Lörs lära is different because it's a no-meaning. It passes back and forth between non-existence and the world but it has no meaning. Its return to the void cannot jeopardize its meaning because it has none. Since "lörs lära" or "bark prölölö" share their meaninglesness, their recurrence is their only "meaning". "Lörs lära" is "bark prölölö" that has returned in a different form but with an unaltered meaninglessness at the core. What do we make of it in terms of interpretations? The right Nietzschean approach would be to cease inquiring after their meaning: "what does it mean?" and shift towards genealogy "where does it originate from?". This way Lörs lära would give us access to the void itself and uncover eternal return for what it is; lacking meaning and having sense only as motion. Like contractions of muscles they are mute forces that say nothing but produce an echo that testifies of their possibility of recurrence: "lörs lära" for biceps here, "bark prölölö" for the legs, "cock pärs" for the head - all are odes for the vitalic forces that recreate the world in its movement! It is the fierce glow of the eyes of a madman acting upon no intentions, meanings or values, but can't you see this madness is happening in every "Lörs lära" you utter!


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